Project Description

Capital Adequacy Calculation and Reporting

Our platform, offers an automated procedure for calculating your Pillar 1 capital requirements through a simple step by step process. Our dedicated calculation engine offers at least an 80% time reduction over your traditional manual spreadsheet calculation, it allows you to create unlimited amount of sessions at any time and above all it gives you the ability to reliably and efficiently calculate your capital requirements at any time and for any scenario or regulatory obligation.

+ More than 80% time saving process

+ No delay in calculating your capital requirements

+ Practically unlimited iterations of your capital requirement calculations

+ Session analysis and breakdown

+ Easy session duplication to save time

+ Simple and intuitive analytics dashboard for better monitoring

+ Automated COREP export

+ Customizable and highly scalable engine for any reporting requirement or jurisdiction

K-factor ready (Based on the upcoming Investment Firm Regulation and Directive for EU Investment Firms)


The first pillar


Pillar 1 of the Basel 3 Accords, refers to the requirement of institutions (both credit and financial) to abide to a minimum threshold of capital to risk ratio at all times.

The Bank of International Settlements, author of the Basel Accords, and in extend the supporting regulators and jurisdictions, including the EU via the Capital Requirements Regulation (CCR II / CRD IV), set the standards for cohesive monitoring actions throughout the regulated regimes. As such, entities are required to report on a regular basis their capital and capital ratio and most importantly to be able to monitor these on a daily basis making sure that are always adequate for the financial services that they offer.