Project Description

Pillar 3 Disclosures Reporting

Our platform, offers an automated procedure for preparing your Pillar 3 disclosures report for the year by utilizing your platform sessions from Pillar 1 and 2, offering you unparalleled speed and accuracy in your report preparation. Furthermore, the module will allow you to customize your report content to suit your Institution’s needs and avoid disclosure of sensitive information to your competition and other public stakeholders.

+ More than 80% time saving process

+ Automated Report Preparation

+ Ad-hoc sensitivity customizations for proper stakeholder disclosure


The third pillar


Under Pillar 3, Institutions are required to disclose information regarding their capital structure and capital adequacy as well as their risk management. Pillar 3 includes a set of disclosure requirements which are intended to improve the ability of market participants to assess the Institutions’ risk management processes, capital structures, exposures and capital adequacy.

This transparency is designed to incentivize banks and investment firms to implement sound and robust risk management frameworks.